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Christian men are faced with challenges from all directions.  One of the greatest challenges of one who would be called a man of God is that of being secure in who he is and who’s he is.  We call that having our identity in Christ.

Every Thursday morning, men from the city of Long Beach and surrounding areas gather together to pray together, worship together, fellowship together and be encouraged and sent out as INFLUENCERS FOR CHRIST to other men.  We call it a BAND OF BROTHERS.

  • Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe banding together with like-minded men makes a difference each week:
  • There was a time when many of us could not see ourselves as being “men of God”……but now….
  • Instead of being uncomfortable in God’s presence….they run to Him now
  • Men who were fearful, anxious and stressed are learning to enter into His rest
  • Marriages that were on shaky ground are beginning to gain new hope
  • Most men give themselves to things that don’t really matter….now they’ve found something that does
  • Many men were in bondage to guilt and shame….but are discovering the freedom in God’s grace and truth
  • Men who were uncomfortable praying with one another now pray with and for each other
  • Men are banding together to use and share their skills and gifts for each other’s benefit and others
  • Men from different ethnic an social backgrounds are worshipping together
  • Men are gathering in small groups, not afraid of embracing intimacy with Christ together
  • Men are leaning to:
    • Invite God to be the Lord of the life
    • Make the Bible the final authority for their life
    • Embrace banding together with like-minded men
    • Become a man of prayer
    • Give it away and invest in the lives of other men

Invite a friend to come to Influencers Long Beach this coming Thursday morning.  Join this movement of God in Long Beach for the glory of becoming INFLUENCERS FOR CHRIST for such a time as this!

6:00 Men’s prayer

7:00-8:00 – worship, fellowship, message

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